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TWG and S&P Security and protection joined forces

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Joint Venture Announcement

The Wisdom Group (TWG) and S&P Security-Protection joined forces for better comprehension and synergy solutions for their customers. TWG, Established in 2001, carries Israeli know-how and worldwide experience in dealing with cyber intelligence and security challenges and providing accurate, creative, and breaking-through solutions.

S&P Security – Protection was established in 2014 and specializes in security assignments worldwide, Offering security detail and services in many different areas.

Both companies understood their customers' need to maintain their overall security aspects through a broad understanding of their security challenge and to manage it and support it through synchronized and harmonized solutions.

The combination and synchronization between cyber protection and physical protection with an intelligence perspective of analysis of the risks and threats, are crucial for unified, coherent business continuity and corporate resilience.

This joint venture supplies security and defense optimization of efforts by designing' planning, and implementing advanced and precise services and solutions.

Both companies share the same values of honoring and respecting their customer's culture and needs. We also believe that our employee's wellness and satisfaction are crucial to success.


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