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Cyber Intelligence alert and reports for a national CERT

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Supply Cyber Intelligence alert and reports for the national CERT:

  1. Supplying Cybersecurity intelligence alerts (CyInt) is an essential component in the defense apparatus of any major CERT. Our CyInt alerts and reports will provide the CERT critical inputs are helping the CERT and CERT clients to protect themselves against impending threats and attacks.

  2. Our Cybersecurity intelligence center constantly develops tools and methods for better CyInt collection. We take part in numerous initiatives and are part of trust networks of Cybersecurity professionals. We use multiple identities in malicious environments in order to collect open source intelligence.

  3. This feed of information is analyzed along with known vulnerabilities and technological advisories to provide customized alerts for the CERT.

  4. We are using the following sources for CyInt collection to gather information for the CERT:

  • Password protected discussion groups of various communities, such as Russian groups; Islamic groups; Chinese groups; and more.

  • Open discussion groups of the same communities.

  • Facebook groups and pages, Twitter feeds and other social networks.

  • Worldwide Computer Emergency Readiness Teams (CERT) notifications.

  • Peer Information sharing groups

  • Hundreds of blogs and websites, authored by leading researchers, security companies, and other Cybersecurity information resources.

  • Shareable information accumulated from our customers’ base, partners and ongoing analysis.


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