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Ishai Elinson CEO

Ishai Elinson

Founder, CEO

Mr. Ishai K. Elinson With 35 years of experience in the intelligence and cyber security defense and security sectors, Ishai has the expertise to offer advanced solutions to protect your business from cyber threats. His knowledge covers technology for intelligence, cyber security, and more.


Partner with him to ensure your business is secure from malicious attacks and take advantage of his cutting-edge solutions. With a 4.9/5 customer satisfaction rating, Ishai is the perfect choice for your company's global cyber security needs.

Haim Ifrah, advisory board

BG Haim Yifrah

Advisory Board

Intelligence expert

Brigadier General (retired)  Haim Yifrah served for 34 years (1964-1998) in Corps of military intelligence in the Israeli Defense Forces. Among his many posts, he was head of the Liason Unit with International forces operating in the Middle East, Defence Attaché in Paris, and in his last post he was Chief Intelligence Officer.

BG Yifrah has extensive knowledge and expertise in defense and security affairs, military intelligence, defense-related technologies, international cooperation, and defense policy.

After his retirement from the IDF  in 1999, he was the first person to be recruited as a VP for Defence by Imagesat International, the first commercial imagery satellite in the world, he worked for the company for 6 years and presented its capabilities to the National intelligence organization around the world.

After leaving Imagesat in 2003 he worked for Israeli defense and security companies as an intelligence advisor in several countries in Latin America and Africa, since 2019 he is working for an International company as a consultant.

Erez Magen

Erez Magen 

Cyber Security Director

Colonel (Res.)

Erez is a renowned global cybersecurity expert who holds 30 years of experience in the field. He has worked on various projects to protect organizations from cyber threats and attacks, ranging from government agencies to private companies. His expertise lies in developing practical methodologies for core asset protection, which are essential for any business or organization that relies heavily on digital assets and data.


Throughout his career, Erez has been responsible for the development of several important strategies related to cyber protection such as those implemented by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). As part of this role he was able to develop new methods that could be used by other organizations around the world when it comes to protecting their own systems against potential threats posed by hackers or malicious actors online. These strategies have proven invaluable in helping businesses stay secure while also providing them with peace of mind knowing their sensitive information is safe and sound at all times.


In addition, Erez’s work extends beyond just developing strategic plans; he actively works with clients directly so they can better understand how best they should approach their own cybersecurity initiatives based upon what works best within each individual environment depending upon factors such as budget constraints or existing infrastructure requirements etcetera. This type of service allows him to provide tailored solutions that offer maximum value whilst still being cost-effective – something many other experts struggle with due largely because they lack real-world experience working within different settings like Erez does here today!

Tal Peled

Tal Peled

Physical Security Director

Tal Peled was formerly in the IDF counter-terrorism unit, a graduate of the state’s special security course, and is an active reserve officer with the rank of Major in the IDF high-profile persons and delegations unit.

Tal has vast experience in performing many different roles within the security field in the Prime Minister’s office and in the ministry of defense which include: securing high-profile persons and delegations, commanding over special and complex missions, making up security plans, and implementing them in corporations in different fields.

Graduate of the Security and Event Management course, guided by the Israel Police, and possesses a firearms training license.

Tal has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Bar Ilan University.

Tal commanded over and secured hundreds of delegations and high-profile persons all over the world and has a career-long experience in leading security missions, event management, putting together dedicated security teams, and training security personnel in both the government and the private sector.

Dr J Landgraf

Dr. Landgraf

Director of Special Research, Analysis and Global Operations

Dr. Landgraf is internationally known for providing advanced intelligence gathering and analysis to both government agencies and private-sector clients, including some of the largest financial institutions in the world, and the regimes of 3 countries at the presidential level.

With a focus on global political and economic systems,  avoidance and recovery from illegal financial schemes, and security operations in high-risk environments,  Dr. Landgraf applies his unique intelligence Archetypal Triangulation Methodology across cultures, regimes, and industries, to ‘detect deception, intention, functionality, and when appropriate influence outcome’.  

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